Greening Up Our Data Centers – Supporting Sustainability

DataSite is fully committed to “green” initiatives and has undertaken many modifications and implemented many energy efficient systems to increase the efficiency of the existing DataSite colocation facilities.  There are so many ways to be responsible when it comes to sustainability.  Physical updates and upgrades to existing structures have been a large part of how we have begun to maximize energy efficiency in an effort to lower our carbon footprint and cut costs.TPO Data Center Roof

  • High Efficiency Chiller Plants
  • Variable Frequency Drives on Pumps, Fans and Air Handlers
  • TPO Reflective Membrane Roofing
  • Plenum Air-Return Systems 
  • Blanking Panel Deployment
  • LED Lighting

These large physical infrastructure upgrades allowed us to be even more energy efficient, obtain a lower PUE and ultimately lowering operational costs.  These savings are all passed along to DataSite customers.

Energy efficiency, although important, is not the only way that data centers can lessen their impact on the environment.  In this industry there is a lot of cardboard and electronic waste.  DataSite has created a Social & Environmental Management Plan which includes recycling programs that are being implementing at all DataSite facilities. These efforts include:

• Cardboard recycling
• Electronic recyclingGreen Data Center
• Pallet recycling
• Employee paper recycling

Additionally, DataSite has enrolled in the United States Department of Energy “Energy Star Program” for certification.

DataSite believes it is important we be responsible citizens, not only for the benefit of the earth, but for our clients as well.

If you have questions about our sustainability program please contact us at 877-374-2656 today!