Custom Data Center Solutions

Is your company absorbing more electronic data than you ever thought possible?  Is it time to consider putting your IT infrastructure in a true data center environment, instead of in the office space down the hall?  Are you discussing building your own data center?  STOP! Before you do that here are three things you should consider before you start putting together a plan to build out costly power and cooling infrastructure.

  1. Benefits of owning verses leasing a data center
  2. How will your company pay for building a data center? (design, construction, operation, maintenance, etc.)
  3. Are you able to maintain & manage the complex power and cooling infrastructure?

As a wholesale colocation owner/operator we can offer you all of the physical assets needed as well as the expertise to maintain them.  Leaving you free to focus on the hardware and software required to keep your business up and running.

Custom Data Center

We make sure you have everything you need from power plant to HVAC while you build out the raised floor IT environment yourself. DataSite can provide a hybrid colocation option that gives you the flexibility to pick and choose what you own and operate.  You could be up and running months sooner than if you tried to build a facility and think of the savings!

Hybrid Colocation Options

  • Powered Shell – Where tenants design, procure, install and manage their own critical infrastructure.
  • Custom Built – DataSite procures and installs UPS, HVAC & Gens while tenant maintains and manages them.
  • Managed Data Center – Where DataSite designs, procures, installs and manages the critical infrastructure.

If you would like to discuss how you can have your own custom data center with less capital expense call us at 877-374-2656 today!