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Powered Shell Data Center | Available Immediately

DataSite Boise is a purpose built, Tier III, colocation facility which actually has two, independent data center areas under one roof! On one side you have a fully managed, multi-tenant colocation data center, on the other is 25,000 square feet of raised floor with autonomous utility feeds, switchgear, UPS and cooling systems.  This presents the perfect opportunity for you to have your very own data center, without going through the capital expense of building something from the ground up.  You would also have the opportunity to manage everything yourself, or turn the facilities management over to DataSite, and be free to concentrate on your business.

The powered shell has the following infrastructure already in place:

  • Electricity Services: Dual 12.47 kV Utility Services – Two 12.47 kV to 480V Dual 2,500kVA Transformers
  • Main Switchgear: Double Ended, Main Tie Main – 3000Amp@480V each side with 3000Amp@480V Tie Breaker
  • Generator Plant: 2,500 kW Plant – Two 1,250 kW Diesels on 4000Amp@480V Paralleling Gear with Load Bank Tap Box
  • Mechanical Switchgear: Double Ended Main Tie Main – 2000Amp@480V each side with 2000Amp@480V Tie Breaker
  • UPS OutPut Switchgear: Double Ended Main Tie Main – 800Amp@480V each side, 800Amp@480V Tie Breaker
  • Non-Critical Switchgear: Double Ended Main Tie Main – 2000Amp@480V each side, with 2000Amp@480V Tie Breaker

In addition to the existing infrastructure in place you also have the opportunity to have UPS and cooling systems built to suit, either by you or DataSite, so you will get exactly what you want,

Powered Shell in Boise Idaho

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how you want it.  Redundancy can be N, N+1 or 2N and power 400kW (existing) to 2,000+ kW.  Along with a customized cooling system, Boise’s boasts one of the most optimal “Free Cooling” climates in the country!

The high tech industry is a live and well in Boise, Idaho.  Along with a fabulous “free cooling” climate you also save money by getting one of the least expensive power rates in the entire United States.  At $0.04 per kW hour, Idaho is set for growth by offering inexpensive, sustainable hydroelectric power.

In addition to everything listed above DataSite’s Boise powered shell opportunity also comes with:

  • Gated access with razor wire perimeter fence
  • 24 hour security personnel on-site
  • Video surveillance
  • Anti-tailgating mantraps
  • Keycard and Biometrics
  • Breakroom
  • Conference rooms

And the Boise area has:

  • International Airport w/ direct flights from multiple major metro areas
  • Major fiber routes for Pacific Northwest
  • Low natural disaster risk
  • High tech workforce

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