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Not all data centers are the same, especially when it comes to how they charge for power.  DataSite believes in not overcharging customers for power and only charges for the actual cost of power used on a monthly basis.  At most colocation facilities offering redundant power a customer will be required to pay 100% usage for the A side power and then another 50% for the B side power regardless of how much power is actually used.  At DataSite we understand that power usage can fluctuate so we offer metered power in all colocation cages and private suites.

Save $$ with Metered Power

They say seeing is believing, so if you are still on the fence about whether being in a colocation facility that has metered power can help you control your costs, try our “Metered Power Calculator” and get an estimate of how much money you could save per month by moving to DataSite! One of our clients is saving approximately $300,000 a year by taking advantage of DataSite’s metered power offering.Metered Power - Data Center

By using our “Metered Power Calculator you can:

  • Estimate how much money you can save at DataSite
  • Better budget your IT spend
  • Compare your current power costs to a metered power solution

We realize how much it costs to operate an outstanding IT environment and metered power can help lower your overall IT spend.  Rather than wasting money on unnecessarily high power bills at your data center, metered powered enables you to funnel that money back into your IT infrastructure and personnel.

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