State-of-the-Art Data Center Services

DataSite offers a suite of colocation options in some of the best built and managed data center in the world. Our data centers are designed, engineered and constructed to be a fortress for your IT infrastructure.  By allowing DataSite to handle the facilities operations that come with colocation you are free to focus on your core competency.

Colocation Environments Available at DataSite

Services Available at DataSite

If you have been looking for colocation services that can grow with your company’s digital and IT needs, DataSite is where you need to be.  You can have the redundancy, reliability and scalability needed for fail-safe operations. 

While most data centers are re-purposed flex industrial space or renovated office buildings, DataSite facilities were built for the express purpose of being data centers.  Isn’t it time you put your IT infrastructure in a place where you know it is safe from power outages, flooding, fires, electrical surges, physical security breaches and overheating?

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