Fully Redundant – Never Over Subscribed

The purpose of a data center is to provide consistent, clean and reliable power – no fluctuations or irregularities – and the ability to withstand prolonged area-wide power outages.  Designed to give you continuous power in any and every situation, DataSite Orlando is your data center solution, with the numbers to prove it:

  • Two Diverse Underground Utility Feeds
  • N+1 or 2N UPS Power
  • A & B Power in Every Rack
  • Massive 13.4 Megawatt Generator Plant
  • 40,000 Gallons of Reserve Fuel
  • 72-Hour Generator Run Time

Add to this the double-ended main switchgear and distribution gear, multiple diverse UPS and battery rooms and A&B side power in all racks and you have all the power and redundant power you’ll ever need.

Plus with DataSite’s metered power billing, there’s no charge for redundant circuits and you only pay for the power you use, saving you up to 50% in power costs.  Check out our Metered Power Calculator to get an estimate of how much money you can save with metered power billing.

Call 877-314-2656 today to find out more about DataSite’s “fortress for the digital world.”