Data Center Sale Leaseback Program

Operating a data center is a huge undertaking and requires a large amount of capital as well as very specific skills to manage commercial power infrastructure, batteries, generators, HVAC systems along with the extensive management and annual maintenance of the critical systems.  Most businesses are not staffed or capitalized to own and operate sophisticated critical facilities.  Precious capital is tied up in managing and maintaining a data center while even more resources are required to update and expend capacity.

If you are one of these companies and are looking for a way to free up capital and refocus your time and energy on critical things that can positively impact your business a sale leaseback program may be the answer.  Benefits of a sale leaseback program include:

  • Free Up Significant Working Capital
  • Immediate Scalability
  • Reduce Operating Expenses and Overhead
  • Converting a Capital Expense to an Operating Expense
  • Acquiring an Expert Data Center Management Team
  • No More Capital Output for Upgrades or Expansions
  • More Time and Money to Focus on Your Business Operations
Data Center Sale Leaseback

What makes DataSite different from most other owner/operators is our background in the commercial/industrial real estate market.  We have decades of experience in owing and operating real estate, critical facility management and data center operations.

If you are interested in discussing how a sale leaseback program could be beneficial to your organization please call us at 877-374-2656 today!