Hardened, Purpose-Built Orlando Data Center

  • Orlando Data Center
    DataSite Orlando a multi-tenant colocation facility.


DataSite Orlando has 85,000 square feet of flexible colocation space.  Designed, engineered and constructed to be a state-of-the-art data center facility DataSite Orlando is truly a Fortress for the digital World!  With 8- inch thick, steel-reinforced concrete walls, completely windowless exterior, 160 MPH wind rated roof, underground diverse power and network entry points and around the clock on-site security – your digital assets are safe with us.

Besides sunshine and beaches, Florida is known for hurricanes, and when those blow in, you need your critical IT infrastructure located in the safest place around – DataSite Orlando!

  • 130,000 Sq. Ft. Purpose-Built Data Center
  • Freestanding Building on 176 Acre
  • Anonymous Building with Windowless Exterior
  • 8-inch Thick, Steel-Reinforced Concrete Walls
  • 160 MPH Wind Rated and Certified Roof
  • Pre-Action Dry Pipe Fire Suppression System

At DataSite we focus on what we know how to do – provide a safe, secure colocation facility. We have electrical engineers and Critical Environmental Technicians on staff 24 hours a day to ensure everything is up and running.

Let us show you what sets DataSite Orlando’s data center apart from the others. Schedule a tour today either online or call 877- 374-2656!

DataSite – Orlando’s Fortress for the Digital World

If you are visualizing a medieval castle, well you are close. DataSite doesn’t have turrets, but data center security is one our highest operational priorities.  The physical security of your IT infrastructure is important and you should have the peace of mind that comes with a safe, secure, purpose-built data center.

  • Biometric & Keycard Access System
  • Extensive Video Surveillance Systems
  • 24/7 On-Premise Security Guards
  • Vehicle Blockades and Equipment Checks
  • Isolated Shipping, Receiving and Staging Areas

Our security processes and procedures, monitor and record access to your data center at all times. You control who has access to your IT equipment and can check to see who has been in and out at any time giving you complete control of your IT infrastructure.

To get a tour and see the “fortress” for yourself call 877-374-2656 or schedule a tour online today!

Fully Redundant – Never Over Subscribed

The purpose of a data center is to provide consistent, clean and reliable power – no fluctuations or irregularities – and the ability to withstand prolonged area-wide power outages.  Designed to give you continuous power in any and every situation, DataSite Orlando is your data center solution, with the numbers to prove it:

  • Two Diverse Underground Utility Feeds
  • N+1 or 2N UPS Power
  • A & B Power in Every Rack
  • Massive 13.4 Megawatt Generator Plant
  • 40,000 Gallons of Reserve Fuel
  • 72-Hour Generator Run Time

Add to this the double-ended main switchgear and distribution gear, multiple diverse UPS and battery rooms and A&B side power in all racks and you have all the power and redundant power you’ll ever need.

Plus with DataSite’s metered power billing, there’s no charge for redundant circuits and you only pay for the power you use, saving you up to 50% in power costs.  Check out our Metered Power Calculator to get an estimate of how much money you can save with metered power billing.

Call 877-314-2656 today to find out more about DataSite’s “fortress for the digital world.”


Affordable High Density Cooling Capacity

DataSite Orlando employs a massive N+1 chiller plant equipped to deliver redundant cool air supply and chilled water for optimum performance and protection of the high performance IT systems of today.  With massive amount of 20-ton CRAH units delivering 2,750 tons of chiller capacity, you are guaranteed:

  • Massive 2,510 Ton Chiller Plant
  • Around the Clock Heat Rejection
  • N+1 Redundancy
  • The Perfect Temperature Every Minute of Every Day
  • Up 600 watts/sf Power Density
  • Support for Water Cooled Equipment

We all know how quickly technology is changing, DataSite is prepared for today as well as set to update infrastructure and support tomorrows’ IT requirements.

Come see and feel the “cool” difference at DataSite by requesting a personal tour either online or by calling 877-374-2656 today!


Data Center Amenities

As a partner we want to ensure you have everything you need to be productive while you or your staff are away from the office.  To that end we offer several professional amenities:

  • Conference Rooms for Meetings or Training
  • Client Touchdown/Work Space
  • Complimentary WiFi or Hardwired Internet Connection
  • Breakroom with full-size Refrigerator
  • Complimentary Coffee or Soft Drinks
  • Secure Delivery Storage
  • Staging Area

We are here to help, so if you need anything that isn’t listed above, just ask one of our staff.  To learn more about our colocation amenities please contact us at 877-374-2656 today!