High Density Power Colocation

Today’s computing technology requires more and more IT infrastructure to accommodate the increased influx of digital information.  With the black chimney cabinets - high density-01increase in ability to manage and service this increased processing capacity there comes a need for more power.  This is where the ability to support heavily populated racks becomes critical.

Not all data centers are built to be able to support ultra high power and cooling loads.  The DataSite facilities are all designed to provide as much power and cooling as is needed for today’s technology.  Whether you need 8 Kw per rack or 80Kw per rack, we have the infrastructure in place to be able to power and cool high density equipment and super computers or HPC.

Types of High Density Power Cooling Available at DataSite

  • Chimney Returns
  • Hot/Cold Aisle Containment
  • Rear Door Heat Exchangers (RDHx)
  • Water Cooled IT Systems

In a report release by Pew Research Centre, by 2020 there will be an estimated 50 billion devices connected to the World Wide Web.  All of that data has to live and be processed some place and by very powerful servers and computers, all of which require massive amounts of power and cooling. Along with being able to provide initial power requirements, with N+1 or 2N redundancy, we can back it up as well.

Not only can we accommodate large power requirements, but we can save you money in the process with metered power. Schedule a tour at one of our data centers online today or call 877-374-2656 for more information!