Free Cooling at Boise Data Center


Free Cooling – Making Colocation Even More Economic

One of the reasons Boise, Idaho is an ideal location for a data center is the opportunity for FREE COOLING. Due to the natural climate of the high desert, The Treasure Valley is one of the few areas in the US that benefits from some of the highest hours of free cooling, according to The Green Grid. The ambient temperature coupled with the low humidity is the perfect combination and DataSite is ready to capitalize on it whenever the option presents itself.  Combined with the already low cost of energy due to Idaho Power’s primary source being hydroelectric, free cooling offers substantial cost savings making it even more cost effective to place your IT infrastructure Free Cooling Map of USA at DataSite Boise.

Providing cooling around the clock is one of our core initiative and even when you aren’t benefiting from free cooling, we have the infrastructure in place to provide the  redundant cooling demanded by your IT equipment.

  • Maximum Heat Rejection
  • N+1 Redundancy
  • The Perfect Temperature Every Minute of Every Day
  • Appropriate Humidity Levels
  • Chilled Water Availability for Water Cooled Gear

Whether you have one rack of standard servers or several racks of super computers, DataSite is ready and able to provide the cooling needed. Contact us today to learn more, call 877-374-2656.