High Performance Computing

Overview of HPC services offered by DataSite


High performance computing systems are used by agencies, institutions and businesses for a number of reasons. Their ability to be customized makes them attractive solutions for entities requiring sophisticated hardware solutions to answer complex business needs. In enhancing the performance of single units, Atlanta data centers like ours can combine resources to create robust computing solutions.

Large and complex tasks are split across multiple units for efficient problem-solving. The computers communicate with one another over a fast network to solve a problem more efficiently. High performance computing consolidates computer resources for the purpose of managing complex tasks involving data. We recognize that complex business needs requiring simulation or modeling are better addressed with high performance computing solutions because of their capability to handle demanding, labor-intensive tasks that may require increased usage of resources. In distributing data and operations across several resources, companies can achieve improved performance when managing resource-intensive tasks.

Why is this necessary?

An inability to reach the appropriate speed levels have made it difficult for companies to attain the performance they desire with existing resources. The HPC computing solutions we offer combines multiple technologies to handle the demand for efficient processing at higher speeds. An efficient system requires high bandwidth and a low latency network to better utilize multiple nodes. With this setup, a company can leverage our infrastructure consisting of multiple architectures, algorithms, electronics, programs, and software simultaneously handled high level problem-solving.

Common applications of the resource:

  • Climate modeling
  • Oil and gas industry
  • Geographical data
  • Automation of electronic design

Inside the HPC

The high performance computing setup we offer consists of key components you find on a conventional desktop. Instead of simply one desktop solution, you will have multiples of several components. This may include multiple processors, disks, memory, and other components. The consolidation of these resources form clusters, and the basic component is a node. It isn’t uncommon for a high-performance computing framework to many nodes. We at DataSite Colo offer 10kW to 90kW per rack for their customer base.

Why use HPC?

Our HPC solutions empowers businesses with additional computational power by multiplying resources available for complex tasks. The computational power essentially makes processing faster. This is because the number of resources available to perform multiple operations simultaneously can be increased. More tasks can be performed at one time with this setup.

Factors impacting speed

The speed is measured as a ratio, which compares the speed of processes on a parallel system to the processing speed of what’s considered a serial system. The upper limit hinges on how well the system can be parallelized for improved performance. The number of resources added to the framework also determine speed and performance capabilities.
Resources like additional memory increase maximum speedup.

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Different modes available

  • Dedicated supercomputer (highly specialized)
  • Grid computing (high speed interconnects combined with standard servers)
  • HPC cloud computing (computing cycles-as-a-service through Internet)
  • Commodity cluster (multiple clusters localized for use internationally or nationally)

Advantages of high performance computing for businesses

DataSite Colo has developed an infrastructure specifically for addressing the data challenges of tomorrow. The software-defined infrastructure increases cores available for performing tasks. Companies can scale their solutions for improved processing of large scale operations. The structure can be supported affordably while capacity to offer improved business offerings supported by complex simulations, processing, and modeling is expanded. At one time, these options were exclusively available to larger companies, but now they are available to companies of all sizes. Smaller and medium businesses can use this resource to leverage big data to their advantage, enabling them to better compete with their counterparts in an industry.

Our infrastructure supports

  • Increasing speed and performance
  • Optimizing network connectivity
  • Minimizes the likelihood bottlenecks

High performance computing is the strategic use of parallel processes and resources for solving complex, high-level problems in an efficient manner. The addition of nodes to a cluster makes it possible to complete high-level tasks in a fraction of the time it would take to solve the problem with one resource. Achieving the highest operation rate for computers depends on the resources available to the solution. DataSite Colo serves customers who want assistance with deployment or procurement of a system especially developed for their specific needs.

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