Digital Security and Compliance

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There’s a cyberwar raging, and your business needs a fortress to safeguard your data. At DataSite security is our primary concern.

Our facility is secure. We employ 24 x 7 x 365 monitoring to ensure there’s no unauthorized access to the facility. Our building uses the following safeguards:

  • Keycard access to all entrances and exits.
  • The building has reinforced concrete walls for maximum protection.
  • We keep a detailed audit trail of all visits.
  • The perimeter has fencing.
  • Surveillance systems monitor for intruders.
  • Equipment checks and vehicle blockades ensure compliance.
  • We record and store video of all equipment at all times.
  • We use Biometrics for valid access authorization.

There are multiple threats that all Atlanta data centers face. At DataSite we take a holistic approach to mitigate these dangers. Our building is resistant to catastrophes and disasters. However, threats from humans are also a top priority because unauthorized access can wreak incredible damage in a data-rich setting.

We go to the extreme to make sure nobody gets access that they don’t deserve. Preventing intrusions and social engineering attacks is all in a day’s work for our experienced staff. Since we handle cybersecurity for so many businesses, the subject has become second nature.

We’d love to help you grow your digital business securely by giving you a competitive advantage. Our services are a favorite choice for the region’s most prestigious ranks. Join our growing customer list today and discover the DataSite edge.

Safeguard Your Data in Orlando or Atlanta

DataSite operates multi-tenant data centers in both Orlando and Atlanta. Our facilities are best in class and exceed the stringent requirements of even the most security-conscious customers. We focus on the facility and making it the best and most secure it can be at all times. You have the flexibility to host the equipment you need to power your network. Think of us like you would a real estate management firm. We lease you the cooling, power, and security and you handle the rest.

You’ll be able to sleep easy knowing that your choice of DataSite fortifies your digital presence immensely. Give us a call at 1-877-374-2656 to discuss your project.

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We Follow Sustainable Management Policies

We’re committed to sustainability and protecting the environment. We go to great lengths to ensure our facilities achieve this mission. Our facilities utilize cutting edge technology to provide a clean and healthy environment.

  • We use high-efficiency chiller plants to reduce energy needs.
  • LED Lighting is cost-effective and uses less power.
  • Plenum Air-Return Systems improve operational efficiency.

DataSite also follows an enterprise-wide Social and Environmental Management Program. We recycle all cardboard, electronics, pallets, and employee paper. We believe that we are stewards of a healthy planet and that our efforts benefit us, our community, and our customers.

We’re Here to Provide a Secure Hosting Environment

It’s a constant battle to ensure that we remain a fortress for our customers. We’re up to the challenge and relish the opportunity to help your organization achieve your digital ambitions.

We understand that not all customers have the same requirements. Contact us to learn more about we can help your specific situation. No company can afford to ignore growing cybersecurity threats. Each day, enterprises that ignore the peril suffer severe damage. The hit to corporate reputation combined with a substantial financial loss is often enough to cause a business to collapse. Why risk anything that major happening when you can prevent it all by choosing a data center provider that is built to withstand all threats?

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You define what you need, we make sure it is secure and accessible. Call DataSite today to find out more about our private colocation suites – 877-374-2656.