Up to 600 Watts per Square Foot

High Density

Today’s computing technology requires more and more IT infrastructure to accommodate the increased influx of “big data” processing. With the increased need for the ability to manage and service this onslaught, there is also a need for more power—this is where high-density power comes in.

IDC projects the HPC market will grow from $23.1B in 2016 to $31.4B in 2019, fueled by the desire to reap the benefits of power-hungry servers, storage, middleware, and applications. This trend is largely driven by more robust connectivity solutions, which enable low-latency delivery of richer media from data centers that consequently require more intensive computing operations to process the rising influx of data.

In response to rapid data center densification, DataSite offers a lineup of cutting-edge infrastructure solutions to accommodate your super-computing ambitions, ranging from 10kW per rack to a whopping 90kW per rack! Whether you are deploying a dense stack of x86 servers or need us to procure or deploy a super computer on your behalf, DataSite is here to help you turn up the power.

We offer colocation services at our Orlando and Atlanta facilities.

Chimney Returns

Chimney Returns

Power densities above 10kW per rack are easily supported with chimney racks, designed to reduce the impact of heat proliferation on IT racks and computing systems in close proximity. Blanking panels are required in these racks to prevent thermal wraparound.

Hot/Cold Aisle Containment

Hot/Cold Aisle Containment

Hot and cold aisle containment systems can be deployed to ensure a high-power density computing array remains properly cooled at all times. With proper installation and deployment, power densities of 20+kW are supported without the risk of thermal runaway.

Rear Door Heat Exchangers

Rear Door Heat Exchangers (RDHx)

Many High-Performance Computing (HPC) systems require enhanced cooling options that include RDHx, which tap into the chilled-water delivery infrastructure at DataSite. 30+kW per rack power densities are achieved using available water-cooled rear doors on the market today.

Water Cooled Super Computers

Water-Cooled Super Computers

HPC supercomputing systems can exceed 600W per square foot by utilizing direct chilled-water taps, delivering 45-degree water via UPS-backed auxiliary pumps. IBM, Cray, HPE, Penguin, and many more liquid cooling systems are all supported at DataSite Data Centers.

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Not only can we accommodate large power requirements, but we can save you money in the process with metered power. Schedule a tour of one of our facilities today!