Backup and Disaster Recovery in Atlanta

Preparing Your Business For The Worst

Disaster recovery is something that should always be at the forefront of any business owner’s mind. Whenever there is a natural disaster, business interruption-related costs can affect the bottom line. The impact of unpreparedness can affect a business for years to come. DataSite helps businesses address these challenges in data center Atlanta.

How much can your business afford to lose?

Assume a company with anywhere between 100 and 1,000 employees is subjected to an attack. Conservative estimates suggest the loss of 1 percent in annual revenue resulting from downtime. If the down time is around 140 hours, then that company can expect to lose $867,000 in revenue. Depending on the size of the business, one incident can be detrimental to a company’s bottom line. Factor in other costly implications such as loss of a customer or a possible data breach, and the costs could be substantially more.

Why do businesses need a disaster recovery plan?

Companies need a disaster recovery plan for a number of reasons. One reason is hardware and equipment fail often. Although these systems become increasingly more durable with each release, companies should know that their systems could fail if a natural disaster occurs. One minor failure in your IT infrastructure could lead to a complete stall in business. Internal employees can compromise the overall integrity of the company’s overall infrastructure. A user only has to leave a port open in error while working on a project to put a company at risk. Outages for any brief interval of time is enough to trigger a negative response from customers. Losing a customer increases costs a company. Replacing the customer is just as costly, and in most cases, more expensive.

Disaster recovery plan in place

A disaster recovery company like housing your sensitive material at an Atlanta data center such as DataSite, can secure your IT infrastructure and identify risks that could lead to potential hardware failure. The team prevent any potential data loss in performing routine backups. Rather than devoting internal resources to building a data site or managing data in a professional environment, a disaster recovery team can oversee the entire process.

System crashes that lead to potential data losses won’t jeopardize daily operations with a disaster recovery resource in place. A disaster recovery specialist can implement online data backups, multiplied firewalls, anti-virus and spyware systems to minimize issues like business interruption.

Having a consultant come in to create the framework and guide you through the disaster recovery plan will prepare you somewhat for a disaster recovery plan. Having a team dedicated solely to managing the disaster recovery plan will ensure that your plan is enacted immediately after the outage or incident occurs. Each SLA agreement ensures that a company can be online quickly and begin operating as soon as a natural disaster occurs. Additionally, periodic testing performed ensures the reliability of the plan and identifies new opportunities for added security parameters.

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Storing all IT resources locally has some advantages but doing so comes with its share of risks as well. In having internal IT resources managed remotely, companies can choose to store their resources securely in a data site. In the event that a natural disaster occurs affecting the local site, all information can be recovered with ease. Backup servers professionally managed by the DataSite Colo site minimizes chances of downtime. With these resources in place, business downtime is minimized and companies can quickly resume business as usual with data being managed professionally at an external location.

DataSite Colo can build a disaster recovery plan to secure your assets, resources and infrastructure. In order to avoid any down time from natural disasters or other data breaches, the professional team can develop, deploy, test and monitor your resources remotely at a secure DataSite designed especially for your team.

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