ORLANDO, FL – Sept. 20, 2017 – DataSite, a wholesale data center space and network service provider that owns and operates world-class colocation facilities in Atlanta, Boise and Orlando, announces it has deployed a high-performance compute (HPC) system, for a major hospitality corporation, from its Orlando data center. The mission critical environment will accommodate air cooled power densities of 20kW+ per rack.

Market research firm, IDC, projects the HPC market will grow from $23.1B in 2016 to $31.4B in 2019, fueled by the desire to reap the of benefits of power hungry servers, storage, middleware, and applications. DataSite has responded to soaring demand for HPC with a multitude of solutions to accommodate high density workloads across its three data centers. Chimney cabinets, which direct hot air up and into the active containment plenum; extra rack depth to accommodate hot air containment; and the use of blanking panels and materials are all part of this sophisticated, integrated solution.

“DataSite is thrilled to grow its deployment HPC solutions to a growing list of customers,” comments Rob Wilson, Executive Vice President for DataSite. “We are excited to support other industries as they embark on HPC initiatives. DataSite is well-equipped to sensitively meet all custom HPC requirements that call for up to 90kW per rack armed with expertise in thermodynamics and a wide arsenal of technological solutions at its disposal.”

Visit www.datasitecolo.com to learn more about the company’s data centers and HPC initiatives.