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DataSite’s sole mission is to serve the client. Every DataSite employee is dedicated to helping clients achieve their short and long term computing goals. From our security guards to our operations teams, and from our sales team to our customer support personnel, every single DataSite employee works for the client. And 100% satisfaction is our base line expectation.

DataSite serves 4 Fortune 50 companies, 12 Fortune 500 companies, plus dozens of household names and global 100 organizations. From high-tech to financial institutions, hospitality and entertainment, and across the health care and government sectors, DataSite has your back.

“As a Fortune Global 500 company, IBM supports some of the biggest public and private organizations in the world. DataSite provides the infrastructure that allows us to support some of the most complex High Performance Computing systems that exist. Working with DataSite has ensured us the highest levels of uptime and customer service, as well as access to the high density power and cooling systems that are required by our client’s IT infrastructure.”

—David Hathaway
IBM, Global Business Services
Vice President & Partner,
Public Sector Application Development and Innovation

DataSite’s President and Founder, Jeff Burges, launched his career in San Diego’s commercial real-estate sector during the mid-1980s. The subsequent decades brought major policy and economic shakeups that Jeff continually seized as launching pads for more national ambitions.

In the early 1990s, Jeff leveraged the “Savings and Loan Crisis” to expand his focus beyond the Bay Area, and served as an “Owner for Hire” on behalf of major financial and real-estate interests. As Chief Operating Officer of Yale Properties, he purchased his first telco hotel, San Francisco’s 274 Brannan Street.

Fortress for the digital world

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Following the breakup of Bell Companies, at the hands of the 1996’s Telecommunications Act, Jeff noticed CLECs knocking down his door to get into 274 Brannan. At that point he realized digital real estate presented enormous, if not life altering, potential. With Yale Properties, Jeff then purchased 230 Congress Street in Boston, which still serves as one of the most relevant telco hotels seen in today’s Northeast market. Subsequently, Yale and Jeff picked up another Boston property – the Fargo Building – for data center development. Additional data center purchases by this dynamic duo include the Greenspoint Technology Center outside of Houston.

Jeff next became “Owner for Hire” to Euristates, the equity co investors to Infomart. Consistent with his bank clients of the past, Euristates put their trust and confidence in Jeff to manage the affairs of Infomart Boston and Infomart Los Angeles.

With this experience and expertise under his belt, Jeff decided it was time to form his own company. And just like that, BURGES property + company (BPC) was founded in 2003 with a mission to acquire undervalued data center assets on the heels of the Dot Com Boom. Utilizing the experience and education that was obtained during his entire career, with special emphasis on the prior eight years of telco hotel ownership, it was clear to BPC that these early colocation buildings were simply built before their time, but unabashedly assumed these assets would become valuable in the near future. And BPC’s assumption was correct.

Unknowingly at the time, Burges Property + Company technically already founded DataSite Colocation with the purchase of AT&T’s Orlando Enterprise data center. The 130,000 square foot purpose-built corporate facility represents one of the most advanced and sophisticated data center assets in the United States. Next, BPC acquired the Southtrust Bank Data and Operations Center building in Marietta, GA. This 73,000 square foot, purpose-built facility was purchased from Wachovia bank after their acquisition of Southtrust Bank.

In 2008, Jeff and Burges Property + Company officially launched DataSite – the culmination of decades of technology-oriented and standard commercial real estate ownership, operations, and development. After several years offering wholesale data center and colocation services, the DataSite team cultivated a comprehensive understanding of its customers’ holistic IT needs and launched Atmosphere, DataSite’s consultative cloud division that helps customers place each application in the execution venue that best meets its needs.