Dense in Power, Flexible in Approach

IDC projects the HPC market will grow from $23.1B in 2016 to $31.4B in 2019, fueled by the desire to reap the benefits of power hungry servers, storage, middleware, and applications. This trend is largely driven by more robust connectivity solutions enabling low latency delivery of richer media from data centers that consequently require more intensive computing operations to process the rising influx of data.

In response to rapid data center densification, DataSite offers a lineup of cutting edge infrastructural solutions to accommodate your super-computing ambitions ranging from 10kW to per rack to a whopping 90kW per rack! Whether you are deploying a dense stack of x86 servers or need us to procure or deploy a super computer on your behalf, DataSite is here to help you turn up the power.

High Density Chimney Racks at DataSite

10-20kW Per Rack

Chimney Return Systems
Air Containment Systems


Water Cooled Rear Doors at DataSite

21-30kW Per Rack

HPC Supercomputer at DataSite

Up to 90kW Per Rack – Water Cooled Supercomputers

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As we strive to soften our impact, we cannot ignore that computing is becoming increasingly power hungry. That’s why we created a special program to accommodate High Performance Computing deployments as dense as 96kW per rack, leveraging the most cutting edge technological solutions to cool them as efficiently as possible.[/fusion_text][/fusion_builder_column][/fusion_builder_row][/fusion_builder_container]