Are you a business owner in the western United States looking for a highly secure, world-class facility to house your data? Look no further than DataSite Boise.

The facility is the largest, most robust data center in the state of Idaho that offers a trifecta of value including clean, low cost electricity; an ideal free-cooling environment; and zero risk of natural disasters. Content delivery networks (CDNs), cloud providers, IT providers, educational institutions, government agencies and other businesses in need of sub-millisecond latency feel at home at DataSite Boise. Connectivity options are plentiful too, with access to seven unique carrier networks within the facility that reach key connectivity points across the region.

Not sold just yet? Let’s tell you a little more about Boise…

Why Boise?

Boise is a beautiful city with a burgeoning technology sector that is easily accessible from all major Midwest and west coast U.S. cities. Ranked 13 of 200 U.S. cities on the 2016 Forbes Best Places for Business and Careers List, Boise consistently ranks among the top 10 locations for business and family in the U.S. by the Wall Street Journal, Kiplinger’s and Forbes, among others. For a running list of how the Boise Valley ranks nationally, click here.

Idaho Department of Labor reports that over the last 10 years, the average annual wage for Boise has risen by $7,859 from $34,556 to $42.415. The city boasts a cost of living 1.8% below the national average and has a projected annual job growth rate of 2.6%.

In terms of education, Boise comes in 12.71% above the national average for population with some college or a skilled training certification. Boise has a wide variety of colleges and universities (approximately 15 institutions) within its “city walls.” The biggest of which is Boise State University, which is made up of 600+ faculty members and offers a choice of nearly 200 degrees to its 20,000 students.

All of these economic implications point to Boise as a fantastic destination for businesses, families (and your data!) to grow and prosper.

Facility Specs
  • 60,000 sq. ft. purpose built data center.
  • Largest generator plant in Idaho: 7.75mW.
  • 2mW of critical UPS Power feeding 18,000 raised floor square feet in operation today.
  • 2mW+ of critical UPS Power phase 2 – operational in under 6 months.
  • Among the lowest cost of power in the US.
  • Impenetrable security complete with a fully fenced perimeter, 24/7 operations staff and extensive video surveillance.
  • Freestanding building on 5 acres.
  • Strategically located in West Boise.
  • Outside the 500 -year floodplain.
  • Anonymous single-story building.
  • Pre-Action dry pipe fire suppression.
  • Access to High Performance Computing (HPC) environments.
  • UPS immediately available (1mW) and planned up to (10mW).

To learn more about our colocation facility call 877-374-2656, or better yet, schedule a tour online today!