Affordable High Density Cooling Capacity

DataSite Orlando employs a massive N+1 chiller plant equipped to deliver redundant cool air supply and chilled water for optimum performance and protection of the high performance IT systems of today.

With massive amount of 20-ton CRAH units delivering 2,750 tons of chiller capacity, you are guaranteed:

  • Flexible Power Densities
  • HPC Environments
  • Hot/Cold Aisle Containment
  • Chimney Returns
  • Rear Door Heat Exchangers
  • Chilled Water Available for Water Cooled Gear
  • Appropriate Humidity Levels
  • On-Site Professional HVAC Staff

We all know how quickly technology is changing, DataSite is prepared for today as well as set to update infrastructure and support tomorrows’ IT requirements.

Come see and feel the “cool” difference at DataSite by requesting a personal tour either online or by calling 877-374-2656 today!